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The All on 4 procedure Is A Permanent Teeth Replacement Solution

The prospect of replacing most or all of your teeth can be a life-changing decision. Missing and chipped teeth can have all sorts of effects on a person’s physical, psychological, social well being, making it uncomfortable to chew food or smile in public. Traditional dentures are removable, which can make them uncomfortable and unreliable long-term solutions for people looking for who are missing some or all of their teeth. Additionally, a removable denture presses on the gum and oral membranes, accelerating bone loss, while reducing normal function formerly experienced with natural teeth. When chewing with traditional dentures, biting force is transferred to the bone structure only, which contributes to volume loss in the form and structure of the jawbone. While not an entirely new concept, the all on 4 procedure is gaining steam in the world of modern dentistry as a stable, reliable, and cost-effective long-term solution for people missing some or all of their teeth.



What Is The All On 4 Procedure?


Advancements in modern dentistry are changing the way people think about tooth loss and replacement. The all on 4 procedure is an innovative technique that uses four or more angulated dental implants to support the total rehabilitation of a full set of teeth. The name "All on 4” refers to all teeth being supported by a minimum of four dental implants that fuse to the jawbone, stabilizing and stimulating it to help maintain its natural form and density. These dental implants serve as anchors to support your teeth, while allowing the nerves, muscles, and jaw joints in your mouth to function normally.

All on 4, is also known as "teeth in a day".



What Are Dental Implants?


Dental Implants are an artificial root made of titanium metal that is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of a natural tooth. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in its place, creating a stable environment for normal function, bite quality, and aesthetics. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant, permanently restoring normal functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.



Get Your Smile Back in Just One Day


The all on 4 procedure is the quickest way to regaining confidence in your smile. Many experienced dental surgeons offer full arch rehabilitation in a single day, also known as "teeth in a day", meaning that there is no need to travel from one practitioner to the other to regain confidence in your teeth. One surgical procedure, in one day, and no need for any bone augmentation! Both the surgical portion and the prosthetic phase of the process can be done at the same location, allowing people to walk out with a smile and a fully functional set of new teeth. Dental implants help to eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth, while restoring the bite quality and ease of care that you come to expect from natural teeth. To care for your implanted teeth, simply brush and floss regularly, as you would with your natural set of teeth.

The all on 4 procedure is helping thousands of people regain confidence in their teeth, enhancing their overall quality of life by dramatically improving their chewing ability, teeth stability, and overall comfort. People who undergo "All on 4" are able to eat what they want without the worries associated with traditional dentures. Talk to your dentist about the all on 4 procedure and walk out with a smile today.

The All On 4 Treatment Toronto

If you have terminal dentition, or missing your dentition, what is really so great about this procedure??
1. Only one surgery needed
2. No need for bone grafting
3. Fixed teeth right from the day 1
4. No need to wear a removal denture i.e. false teeth
5. Beautiful aesthetic smile right from day one
This treatment modality is a life changer, and not just from the self-confidence and the beautiful smile one gains from the very first day, but health impact it has is unbelievable. People can start to eat properly and expand their diet to foods they could not eat before, therefore gaining the proper nutrients they were previously missing.